Peru Launches its First ‘Observation Satellite’ into Orbit, PERU SAT-1

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In April 2014, Peru and France signed a mutual accord. The French government agreed to collaborate in the launching of the First “Observation” Peruvian Satellite in History. The construction of the unit was assigned to the multinational ‘Airbus Defence and Space’ which, in cooperation with the Peruvian Space Agency, designed the Satellite fully owned by the Peruvian State.

At first, the project faced a myriad of setbacks. Today, the satellite is a reality.

PeruSat-1: The Most Advanced Satellite in Latin America

Peru Sat1Image Source: Gestion

PeruSat-1, our first Observation satellite, will be launched tonight at 8:43 pm from the Kouro Space Centre, in French Guyana. The Satellite will be transported to outer space by the Rocket ‘Vega’, built by the ‘Airbus Defence and Space’ multinational.

Two decades ago, having our own Space program was a long shot. Today, the gap has narrowed. PeruSat-1 is actually the most advanced Satellite in Latin America. As the Peruvian Minister of Defense said: “Peru Sat-1 is the most powerful satellite equipment of its kind in Latin America. Also, Peru Sat-1 is the first-ever sub-meter satellite observation (with a resolution of 0.7 meters) in the region. That is, it can identify objects smaller than one meter, in addition to vehicles, aircraft, runways, trails, housing..”

The Rocket Has the Emblem of the Peruvian Coat of Arms

VV07 Pose PAC sur lanceur le 05/09/2016Image Source: Space flight now

The Space Rocket Vega has the Peruvian Coat of Arms as its emblem. PeruSat-1 itself, with a weight of 990 lbs (450 kg.), will display the Peruvian Space Agency logo. The Satellite frame also carries two banners. The first exhibits the Quechua message: Kausachun Peru! (Long live Peru!); the other says: “Here are the dreams, efforts and success of Peruvians who work very hard to develop the Peruvian Space Program“.

The Peruvian Space Program made great strides. This group of technicians has received extensive training by the ‘AirBus Defence and Space’ experts. In anticipation for PeruSat-1 launching, Peruvian engineers were instructed in “space technologies, satellite operation, and development of imaging application.” This team is to monitor the launching tonight, from the ‘Center of Satellite Imaging’, in Pucusana.

The total cost of the project was U$ 205 million dollars. The Satellite will bring advantages in case of extreme climatic changes, as well as for the surveillance of our territorial and maritime jurisdictions. Under the contract, ‘AirbusDefence and Space’ agreed to exchange information with Peru from other space satellites.

Minister Pedro Cateriano said: “This is a great step forward and the possibilities of the country with its own satellite are multiple.” “Peru will give an exponential leap because this satellite provides accurate information in a timely manner, in order to make decisions before a natural disaster, for example”, he added.

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